Alexander Swenson’s true origin is a closely guarded secret. Alexander Swenson is in good condition, sparing a few markings on the cover and some damage to the spine. Alexander Swenson’s heart beats all quiet like a wind-up clock. Alexander Swenson realizes that he is just an ant caught in the cogs of a vast and inescapable cultural influence. He does not accept it. After finishing Job Dog, Alexander Swenson plans to fruitlessly devote the rest of his life to studying alchemy. If you try to give Alexander Swenson money, he will just put it in his mouth and then spit it back out because he cannot understand abstract concepts. When Alexander Swenson dies, his limbs will be divided across the five continents. When all his parts are again united, it will mark the end of the world.


Job Dog is just a little doggie trying to make ends meet in this crazy world. Job Dog is colorblind but has a strong intuition that its favorite color would be a deep red. Job Dog is very happy with its life but just can’t shake the feeling that it is not yet a fully realized individual. Job Dog may exist only in the dream of a small child living on the New England coast. Job Dog’s boss, Executive Cat, is unsure of Job Dog’s gender.


Job Dog was written in the month of August 2010. It was created in the year 2011 through a mixture of sumi ink, brushes, pens, pencils, colored pencils, gauche, watercolors, and the internet. In 2011 Job Dog was nominated for the Katzenjammer Medallion for Comic Excellence but lost out to fan favorite LISP DAWN III: FRIEND OF SUPERLISP. If you want to go to a store to buy Job Dog nobody will be able to help you but some day I very much hope you will be able to tangibly own the experience of Job Dog.




Q: Why did you create Job Dog?
A: Job Dog is a piece of children’s literature celebrating the existentialist hero. Exposing Job Dog to young children will seamlessly integrate them into the belief system of hopeless determination that erupted from the dark aftermath of the Second World War. If there is freedom to fight for, they will all die martyrs.

Q: I am an insatiable beast! Will reading job dog save my marriage?
A: No. I am ultimately powerless in the face of your unhappiness.

Q: Does a job dog have buddha nature?

Q: I am not sure if reading job dog is worth my valuable (but objectively meaningless) time! Can you condense job dog down into a single panel?